Frequently Asked Questions

Can I avail tenant loans, if I stay in a PG accommodation?
Sure. You can easily avail tenant loans.

Can I avail unsecured loans for consolidating all my debts?
Yes. Debt consolidation is a common purpose for which borrowers take unsecured loans.

Do I need to pay any extra fee for my bad credit?
Never. We, at Council Tenant Loans never charge anything for bad credit of borrowers.

How soon can I avail loans for council tenants?
With our fast services, you can avail loans for council tenants within a few days.

Am I obliged to Council Tenant Loans once I fill up the application form?
The services at Council Tenant Loans are absolutely obligation fee.

What is the security of my personal details?
We, at Council Tenant Loans follow some privacy policies to safeguard our customers’ personal details.

Can I contact at Council Tenant Loans for more information?
Sure. You can contact us any time for any information.