Funds without any risk at affordable terms

21 May 2011

Being a council tenant, it is quite obvious that you do not own any credible asset that can be placed as collateral. It is your gross inability to attach collateral, which provides lenders with an excuse to not offer any financial assistance. Although it might seem to be a hopeless situation, acquiring the funds is never going to be an area of concern, as long as you can rely upon the provision of loans for council tenants.

Since you are not in any position to pledge collateral, the lenders are willing to provide the funds, without asking for any collateral. The absence of collateral lets you acquire the funds, within a short span of time. Besides, with the loan amount sourced, you are free to take care of needs related to consolidating debts, educational purposes, wedding, going for a vacation and so forth.

 However, the loans will be only made available, after the lenders have duly assessed your prevailing circumstances, along with your income and repaying capability.  Based on these details, the lenders do release an amount in the range of £1000-£25000, which seems quite convenient to suit your current requirements. The repayment tenure too is flexible and spans over a period of 1- 10 years.

Owing to its approval without any adequate security, the interest rate levied can be marginally high. This is mainly done to eliminate risk factor faced by the lender.

Even with a poor credit record, you will be in a position to derive the funds. Besides, on making effort to pay back the amount sourced within the allotted time period, you will be in a position to make improvements in the credit score.

Applying through the online mode further enables you to procure the funds at any point of time and that too form any where. The application process is simple and all you have to do is to fill in the detail in a simple application form. Besides, you get to source the funds, without the need of personally visiting the lender.

Council tenant loans can be termed as an opportunity, where in you get to attain funds at flexible terms, so as to tackle your needs and demands.


Loans for council tenant can be attained against flexible terms. These loans are easy to derive and can be derived, without undertaking much of a risk. With the support of these loans, you will be in a position to deal with your varied needs and demands. To learn more about these loans, you can go through this article.