Will support your rental needs

10 Jan 2011

You need not have to worry about the cash advance even if you do not own any property or stay in a house as tenant. It is a fact that you need cash in the middle of the month as the major chunk of the money goes out of your pocket while meeting the daily and sudden expenses. With the limited source, you are not able to fulfil the family needs and pay the rent. As the cost of living is increasing day by day and so is the rent, lenders have come up with a solution with an intention to resolve the financial discrepancy of the borrowers who are non property dwellers or tenants. Even if you live with your parents or staying as a paying guest or rented through local council or authority, you will be access competitive process tenant loans.

Tenant loans are unsecured in nature and you need to pay higher rates of interest. Lenders would neither check your credit history nor would he verify other bad factors like foreclosures, bankruptcy, arrears, miss payments, CCJ and IVA, etc while approving loans. If you intend to go for a loan amount with a lower rate of interest and you own a car, you can pledge it as a security against the loan amount. However, they would confirm your credentials disclosed by you and these are represented as follows:

  1. An Id proof that may be a passport or a driving licence
  2. Any current utility bill bearing your current address
  3. Employment status of minimum 6 months that would be proved by salary slips and it would also reflect your repayment capacity.
  4. You need to be an account holder of any bank.

Council tenant loans targets non property holders and tenants and helps them during their financial instabilities. With the aid of this organisation, you can easily gain a loan deal with a competitive interest rate. Representatives do not intend to check any borrower’s credit history and they do not consider other bad factors like bankruptcy, missed payments, defaults, etc. You will also get the facility of applying online with them for a minimum loan amount of £100 and a repayment plan as per your financial efficiency and suitability. They intend to protect your privacy of information while you apply online and moreover it will be an effortless attempt which will save your time and money.


If you are suffering from shortage of cash for paying the rent to the landlord, then you can blindly opt for tenant loans. It would be able to give you financial relief for sometime. Even if you have a poor credit score and defaulter for any reason, still you would get these loans. However, you need to fulfil the basic requirements which reflect your citizenship of UK, employment history and repayment capacity. Tenant Loans are unsecured loans which would be assigned to you with higher rates of interest, however proper negotiation skills will enable to gain a good loan deal. It would be more convenient if you apply online as it would be free of cost and it would save you from strains of applying manually.